Welcome to ‘All That Jazz’ radio


Hi there, I am Brian Parker and I’d like to introduce my new ‘All that Jazz’ radio website.

On my new website you can find, a free jazz music channel (live music), which is the same channel as before and as always streaming 24 hrs a day of the best jazz music completely free.  You will also find 14 new VIP channels, which you can find on the piano menu on the left side of the homepage with a great selection of  Piano Jazz, Guitar Jazz, Saxo Jazz, Bossa Nova and Smooth Jazz, among others.

To be able to listen to our VIP channels you need to subscribe as a member, on the left side on top of the piano menu you can see the registration option. Do not wait any longer! Join us and become a member.

For only 4.95 Euros a month you can listen to more than 100.000 tunes, my best selection of jazz music, commercial free and high quality. This will also help me cover for the cost of the website, and continue bringing joy to the daily life of many jazz lovers around the world, through a totally unique jazz selection.

I have also added most of my exclusive interviews which I have done with over 170 famous jazz artists, you can find these interviews on the top bar menu.

I have made short clips of each interview as an introduction. You can find short clips of the video interviews  and audio interviews.

If you wish to watch the complete version of interview please click on Full version video interviews  or Full version Audio interviews.

I hope that with new website I can provide you better service. I would appreciate your comments and ideas to make it even better. Please fill in our questionnaire to help us improve the quality.

Keep calm and listen to “All That Jazz” radio.

Brian Parker